Time is of essence in any investment transaction. A transaction could take anywhere between 4 - 6 weeks to complete, provided a company is in complete readiness for due diligence and does not have any major errors / discrepancies in these. Multiple parties are involved in a transaction – these could be co - investors, existing investors, employee stock holders, advisors / consultants, company secretaries, lawyers etc. We act as a single point of contact for these parties and help in facilitating smooth and timely closure of a transaction; ensuring entrepreneurs don't have to spend more than the necessary time required.

Services includes;

  • Project management of entire process of fund raise
  • Advising company on structuring and documentation
  • Working closely with CFO and FC’s through complex DD process
  • Advising and assisting company to establish presence in different geographies

We have developed a credible partner network in Mauritius, Singapore and USA where our referred partners advice best possible methods of establishing presence in their respective jurisdictions. These services would also involve an in depth study on provisions of FEMA, specifically LRS and ODI regulations which we have successfully provided to various companies / investors.