Team Speak


"My faith in Constellation stems from a key component of its culture – its “First Principles”. First Principles are the fundamental concepts or assumptions on which a theory, system, or method is based. Similarly , an organization is always based on first principles – its fundamental values. In context of Constellation , it is these fundamental values that direct the way the organization thinks, behaves and functions. In course of my journey with Constellation, I have seen this hold true and reflect in a variety of situations – be it situations involving the team members, clients, eco-system or any other external constituent. To my mind, the First Principles would serve as a beacon to guide the high growth trajectory we aspire to follow at Constellation."


"Constellation Blu has been truly a great journey for me with lot of bumpy rides, starting from a simple employment, which grew into an entrepreneurial role. I feel lucky to join as a first member of the organisation and be a part of the growth story as it stands today and feel privileged to continue to make it big. Constellation Blu has provided me with an opportunity to discover my true potential and consider it as right platform for harnessing my technical acumen, further it helped me learn, unlearn and relearn lot of softer aspects of business. One of the biggest USP of our org is that it aims to provide entrepreneurial role/ ownership driven culture to all the aspiring members over a certain tenure (which we curate through an aspirants group). Over the last 5 years, it has helped me develop a single-minded focus to build one-stop shop, which can cater to all the needs of an early stage ecosystem and take pride in building a support system machinery to businesses which aspires and are passionate to make a difference in the world."


"Constellation gives me a platform to take ownership of what I am doing and it truly gives me a sense of pride. It helps in developing an individual not only throughout the work area but in various other areas such as effective communication by leading a transaction. These things keep me motivated towards working with Constellation."


"Constellation has been a great experience for me. It has been a perfect blend of entreprenurship and my professional qualification. Rarely do you get an organisation that allows you to express yourself and adds each team members individual strengths to the organsianation strength. The culture, the vision, the client importance and the focus on builidng a correct team are in my opinion the pillars on which Constellation stands today. A very young and dyanamic organisation that works with some of the best early stage businesses has ensured a learning curve to which there is no match amongst my peers. I have seen it grow from a 3 member organisation to where it stands today, and looking back at the journey definitely makes me proud!"


"I feel proud when I look back and see how we started Constellation Blu towards its journey of excellence gives a satisfaction that I was able to contribute something. This journey has made zillion memoirs in my memory bank and I am Indebted and gratified for the friendly, cheerful and generous support of each and every member in this journey. I enjoyed my each day, each moment and it is like a dream come true."


"My journey with Constellation began in June, 2015, I was welcomed by lovely people with open arms, I was amazed with the open friendly work culture. I was a part of the Financial Team where I learnt Due diligence, Company Valuations and most exciting was understanding the business of a variety of emerging companies, their nature of transactions and Investment rounds in such companies. The open friendly working culture, independence, continuous growth and learning are the reasons I chose to join back here post my break for exams. It has been an awesome journey, looking forward for more growth and a better future."


"99% Young crowed and a growing organization, of which I can be part. 2. After understanding what constellation does I found it fascinating that “ a startup focused on providing services to the startup industry."


"Larger organisations / service companies are like factories and people there are like products. However, in organisations like Constellation one gets a sense of ownership and opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills are high. The firm consist of young people with lot of energy working in their own style towards one goal, gives the sense of ability of the company to go way beyond reach of its own ability. This made me take the decision to move from a large service organisation like my previous one. From the moment I have joined I would say, whatever promised to me was given."


"The Constellation platform provides best of both worlds (entrepreneur + employment) with broader learning opportunities, developing leadership potential with the dynamic team’s support and thereby growth."


"I joint Constellation as a CS apprentice, and was the 4th member in the team. Like every other apprentice, even I started off with a mindset of only completing my apprenticeship here and then look for a Company Secretary job somewhere else. I was working for the first time in life, but this place never made me feel uncomfortable (ps: i was the only lady member), all the team members were very helping and jovial, which allowed me to grow and be much more confident. I was a part of secretarial team, where I learnt a variety of things, like, incorporation of company, allotments, alteration of chartered documents, due diligence, FEMA compliances etc. On completion of my apprenticeship i chose to continue here as part of the team, as the organization was growing in a very rapid manner, there were too many things which I needed to learn before I left the organization. With time, I realized that this is the place where I could grow in all ways (personally and professionally). I gradually progressed to working on investment transactions and now have a team. The growth and learning haven’t stopped or been stagnant inspite of being here for such a long time which is what makes me look forward to being here. The best part about the organization is young enthusiastic people willing to learn and teach, always."