Idea of Constellation was to nurture the buzzing start up ecosystem beyond the funding needs of the founders. Litmus test of every start up is to be able to scale and become a business model or a disruptive innovation. Constellation was set up in late 2012 to be a go to team of multi-disciplinary professionals for all members of the early stage ecosystem. The intent was to service the needs across all members of the ecosystem including investors (both institutional and angel) and founders (and their leadership teams).

The team has boot strapped to scale from 3 in June 2013 to close to a 40 self-driven and professionals currently across Finance, legal, corporate secretarial, Talent, investor relations and others. Over a short period of time, the team has been successful in creating its own identity as a go to shop for needs of the early stage ecosystem and has added newer offerings from time to time with its dynamic leadership team and an ownership structure where the early leadership have developed to being co-owners of the firm. We haven’t yet peaked and are eager to add newer modules of professional services and solutions for the early stage ecosystem.

Pride of association and a sense of purpose have been the driving factors for the growth of its young team and limited attrition. In a world where ability to be able to predict the future is considered as a high point, the team endeavors to create its own future as a catalyst in the vibrant early stage investment ecosystem of India.